Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey everyone out in Bloggerland.

I took this thanksgiving break to really reflect on the past semester and on where I want my life to go. I also took a look back on what I'm thankful for, being that this is the holiday season of thankfulness and all. So while we may have a while to go in feminist movement in terms of total gender equality, there are many things we as Americans really should be thankful for. Here are some of mine:

I'm really thankful I'm a man.

I'm really thankful I'm a gay man, believe it or not.

I'm really thankful I live in a country where women have access to safe and affordable abortions.

I'm really thankful women aren't caned, stoned or otherwise physically harmed for going out of their house without their heads covered.

I'm really thankful that we just elected a president (who is non-White!) that is respectful of women's rights and who aims to advance the protection of rights for gender and sexual minorities.

I'm really thankful for the opponents of Proposition 8 in California being able to pass their hateful, divisive and discriminatory amendment, because now activism has reawoken in the GLBT community on a grand scale, and I'm really excited to be a part of that.

I'm really thankful to be an American.

I'm really thankful that I was born into privilege and that I've been able to achieve what I have because I have a well developed social support system.

Anyway...I'll stop talking now. Please feel free to comment with any thanks YOU have for this year!


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that I'm allowed to be a woman. Whatever definition of woman I want it to be.

jules said...

I am thankful to be a woman, a wife, a mother and an American.
I am also thankful for the opportunity to pursue whatever educational goals I aspire for myself. I am also thankful for Travis--my friend and adopted son who is an asset to the human race.

Katie Colip said...

I am thankful that people that aren't directly affected by discrimination are willing to step up on behalf of those who are.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for all the hard work that women have done in the past that enables me to chose a career in any field that I want to be in.

Carmen said...

I'm thankful that I still have the opportunity to speak my mind, even if what I think isn't popular or politically correct. I am also thankful (and relieved) to live in a country that elected our first Black president, a country that can finally, finally see beyond race and see that we need hope for a better future. Finally, a am thankful for the things that make life worth living--my family and friends, my home and livlihood, and all the rights and privileges I enjoy in this country. We really can't take those for granted.